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Whistling Straits, WI

Get To Know Me

I am a highly trained Master Mental Game Coach.  


I have coached, mentored, and instructed over 5000+ sessions with clients worldwide. I have trained with the best, as you can see below in detail, with the certifications I have completed and am currently taking.  


I believe in taking a holistic approach to your mental game. You are great exactly where you are; if you want a different result, we can work together to accomplish it.  


Working alongside some of the greats in golf, studying applied sports psychology, life coaching, physical therapy, trauma, brain health, and more has allowed me to develop my own unique system to maximize your results in golf and life.


Most golfers believe their skills are holding them back, but I love helping them discover the mindset preventing them from stepping into their greatness on and off the course. 


Book a free call with me if you are ready to take your game to the next level.


Personally, my sports background started in dance. I was on the Appalachian State University Dance Team and Appalachian Dance Ensemble, performing ballet and modern pieces. After college, I started playing golf. My husband and I enjoy playing together and traveling the world to play on some of the most iconic golf courses, such as St. Andrews - The Home of Golf, Old Head, Tralee, Whistling Straits, Adair Manor, Royal County Down and Portrush, Pinehurst #2, and many more. 


My certifications include:


Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) @ Peak Performance Sports. I have been trained and privately coached & mentored by Dr. Patrick Cohn, Ph.D in Applied Sports Psychology. Dr. Cohn is the absolute best!!! He has worked with the pros for 30 years in the industry, studied under Dr. Ken Ravizza and Dr. Bob Rotella, and was a professor at the University of Virginia in Applied Sports Psychology before creating his own certification program. I also have the privilege of being a contract coach for his business. In this setting, I get the opportunity to work with not only fabulous golfers but also athletes of other sports such as - hockey, soccer, tennis, fencing, volleyball, track & field, basketball, baseball, pickleball, racers, ice skaters, gymnastics, etc.


Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Double-Goal Coach® Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons. This certification focuses on two goals - winning and learning. The most important thing is learning.  


U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach 1 & 2.  

Certified Coach 1 is the foundational training that lays out basic principles in assuring coaches understand the nuances and six key elements specific to coaching young golfers. Coaches attaining this level of certification have a basic understanding of how to overcome the common challenges of coaching kids, the principles of games-based learning, the importance of proper club fitting for growing golfers, how to plan a successful program, and the best way to make learning fun for new students.


Certified Coach 2 is the advanced education offered by the Coaches Institute. Coaches learn how to motivate and inspire students based on their different personality traits, have a more structured program and curriculum for each student’s journey, and how to better communicate with parents that will show marked progression for their investment, which keeps their kids enrolled in the program for longer time periods.


MPM Certified Coach - Mental Performance Mastery Coaching Certification Course with Brain Cain, MPM, MS, CMAA. Brain Cain, another graduate of Dr. Ken Ravizza, has trained top athletes worldwide to great success.  


With additional certifications in advanced life coaching, trauma-informed, and brain health 


Certified Life Coach @ The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo This is a causal coaching program. Once I graduated, I was honored to be a contracted employee for The Life Coach School. I coached, mentored, and instructed over 4000+ client sessions on every topic while holding impeccable, nonjudgmental space and advanced listening techniques to each session to help the client see what was holding them back from creating the results they wanted to achieve and helping them decide how they wanted to move forward by either holding onto these believes and processing emotions or changing the way they like to think about it.  


Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach @ The Deep Dive Institute with Bev Aron This program required certification first through The Life Coach School. Bev Aron’s program advanced my coaching techniques to learn how to be an embodied coach, work with resonance in a client session, trauma, and so much more.  


Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind with Dr. Bonnie Badenoch.


(Currently enrolled) The Practice of Being Presence with Dr. Bonnie Badenoch


Transcending Trauma Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems Therapy with Frank Anderson, MD


An Introduction to The Internal Family Systems Model by Dr. Richard Schwartz


(Currently enrolled) An Internal Family Systems (IFS) Online Circle Program  


Certified Brain Health Professional through Amen Clinics


Certified Dr. Amen Licensed Brain Health Trainer 


BSBA from Appalachian State University


Physical Therapy Assistant License #2506 in North Carolina

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