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For General Life Coaching/Mentoring

In my private coaching practice, I also work with clients that are not golfers.  I can help with general life coaching and/or coach mentoring.  What does that mean?  In general life coaching, we will set a goal you want to accomplish.  During the process, you may notice your brain creating drama, giving up, and doubting yourself. This is very normal when you are working to change your identity to become the person you always wanted to be. I help guide you and teach you how to empower yourself to create the results you want.  Everyone's coaching is customized to your individualized needs.  You will not receive a cookie-cutter approach. With coach mentoring, you will learn how to advance your skills as a coach.  You have access to me, as well, between calls.  Book a free consult and we will discuss how to make your goals a reality. 

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