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"Working with Dustie has been hugely beneficial for my golf game.  She has helped me with expectation management, staying present on the course, confidence, trust in my abilities, and much more.  The learning materials she provided are good if I need a refresher on any mental game topics.  It has been great to have someone help me plan out my golf goals and discuss the ups and downs of both golf and life.  In addition, she is great at communicating outside of our sessions and easy to reach if I have any questions or topics to discuss.  I highly recommend working with Dustie, if you want to lower your scores and become more comfortable on the course!"      Pro Golfer John L.  

"What an incredible experience! I am taking my golf game to the next level.  Dustie Gimblet has help me correctly focus mentally and have way more fun and enjoyment on the course.  Dustie has a keen insight and ability to dissect and breakdown your mental and physical performance factors and help you apply your best strategy and athletic abilities to shoot the best scores possible.  Her course is really fun and absolutely a performance advantage!"  Actor Fred Galle

"Dustie made me a believer and a much better golfer.  I was skeptical and did not know how powerful thought coaching was.  I thought golf was all physical ability and mechanics.  However, after years of playing golf and taking golf lessons, I was a consistent low 90's player no matter what I tried.  I now consistently shoot low 80's and can get to mid-70's.  Dustie was assiduous in pointing out my thoughts and how they were holding me back in our sessions.  She helped me develop strategies to overcome and go low.  I am also ready to try this in other parts of life.  Thank you, Dustie!!!!!!!!"   Mike J.

"My son is working with Dustie on his mental game.  He plays hockey at the midgetAAA level with a goal of playing in the NCAA.  He appreciates the workbooks and exercises that are part of the program.  He also loves the way Dustie can make him look at a situation differently, with a new perspective that leads to feeling much more confident in his abilities.  She has a way of bringing the best out of him.  Thank you for being part of his team."     Maryse G.

"Dustie helped me transform my game from hoping to play well and having the results of my play dictate my thoughts and feelings into having my thoughts help dictate my play.  It's a powerful 15th club in the bag knowing that having the correct confidence is an advantage over competitors.  Playing one shot at a time or how to get over the first tee jitters are a couple of things I am extra proud to have changed in my own game with the help of Dustie.  As a player that wants to be as good as he can possibly be it's very nice to know that she cares just as much about my mental game as I do.  "  Blake A. 

"Dustie has been such a Godsent to me.  I have struggled with self-confidence and anxiety.  She is such a calming force.  She has been totally dedicated to helping me with my issues, actively listens, challenges my thoughts, is non-judgmental and shows great compassion.  I am totally comfortable with her which allows me to open up so that we can dig deeper together.  She shares techniques and tools and is always there when I need her.  Dustie truly cares about her clients.  I am so grateful to have found her!"  Karen B.

"My sessions with Ms. Gimblet helped me to channel my thought patterns about my golf game in a much more positive way.  My goals became well established, my focus improved, and my enjoyment of the game spiked immediately.  I became more 'in the moment', not letting past shots interfere with future performance.  Her model is easy to understand, very worthwhile, and her services are highly recommended."  Rich 

Dustie is a fantastic coach!  She is judgment free, making it easy to open up to her.  She asks insighful questions to get to the root cause of where and why I'm stuck and/or struggling.  She is encouraging, bringing me awareness in a kind and compassionate way.  Dustie is helping me achieve my goals, both personally and professionally!  She also has the ability to tap into my faith and coach in this space too which I appreciate.  I highly recommend her.  One of the best investments I've made for myself!  Amanda

"I can't say enough about my life coaching sessions with Dustie.  From day one she was able to help me get clarity and focus, separating fact from fiction while at the same time equipping me with the tools, I needed to get me in a healthy mindset.  I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary of life coaching with Dustie and I like that I now have a box of tools in my wheelhouse that I can pull out and use at any time when I feel stuck, unsure or just processing some particular thought or emotion that is not supporting me or propelling me forward.  I've had 6 years of counseling and in all my years of counseling I have not experienced anything as expeditious as these Life Coaching sessions.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made with a lifetime of value!"  Constance

"I have been very happy with my coaching with Dustie.  She is a great listener and gives constructive feedback on where and how you can shift your thinking for new perspectives as well as better results in any situation.  She is always cheerful, friendly, and very supportive.  She wants her clients to succeed in life, and have that life be as productive and joyous as possible.  The only thing she can't do is the work for you, but she is there to cheer you on and support you all the way!  I highly recommend life coaching for anyone who wants to improve their life using thought work, and Dustie is the perfect person to help you work through your stumbling blocks!"  Dori

"I've had the privilege of working with Dustie for several years, and I can't emphasize enough how effective her coaching is.  She's not only highly trained but also genuinely passionate about helping people transform our lives.  Her approach is all about careful listening and client connection - you'll feel both supported and empowered every step of the way.  I wanted to personally recommend Dustie not just as an incredible life coach but also as a contractor.  If you're looking to build a team with a dedicated, passionate coach who will go above and beyond, she is the person you want by your side."  Katie Pulsifer

"Dustie delivers such powerful coaching. The insight, education, and gifting she brings to the table is incredible. Not only does she provide 1 to 1 live sessions, but she goes above and beyond to provide support and coaching outside of the sessions. After only 6 sessions I have already seen the needle move forward in my business. I am watching the Lord break down toxic thought patterns that I didn't realize I'd held for decades! Transformation is happening, and it is beautiful. She should be charging double her fee for the value she provides." Crystal Nutt 

"Dustie helped my game immensely, especially helping to get me into the zone for competitive tournaments by focusing on the process opposed to the outcome.  In my last 5 games of match, I've been able to win 4.  Dustie has been instrumental in improving my game, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to lower their scores and get more enjoyment out of golf." Mark B.  Australian Golfer

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