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Dustie Gimblet


90% of Golf is Mental
  • Lower your golf score 

  • Have more fun while you play

  • Win more tournaments          

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course
Golf Kart

You will learn how to apply winning golf mindset strategies to help lower your golf score, have more fun while you play, and start winning tournaments.

Being a better golfer is the goal, and yet you can't seem to master it.  New clubs and more lessons are great, but your score is roughly staying the same.  Something is missing.

That something is the mental part of the golf game - the 90%.  Jack Nicklaus famously said, "The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical".  It is so true, and so many golfers don't work on this part of the game.​​​

  • Imagine feeling in control of the course when you play

  • Imagine how great it could be to stop overthinking and make powerful decisions

  • Imagine being able to focus without worrying about distractions

It's all possible when you partake in my golf mindset coaching, customized to your specific needs with support between sessions.  


Most golfers believe it’s their skills holding them back, but I love helping golfers discover the mindset that is preventing them from stepping into their greatness on and off the course.  



Tralee, Ireland

Here's what happens when you work on the Golf Mindset:

  • Your golf game will improve, and it will improve more consistently.

  • You will increase your chances of winning tournaments or start placing in the top 10 or higher.

  • You will enjoy your golf game more.  You will notice less frustration, a less giving-up attitude, and stop sabotaging a good round

Imagine your score in the 90's changing to low 80's and high 70's.  It's possible!

Imagine as an amateur going pro, or as a pro increasing your chances of making the cut in major tournaments and winning more money.  It's possible!  

  • Are you ready to win?  If it is the PGA junior amateurs to Senior Club Champion.  I can help.  




Me - Hole #4, Old Head Ireland 


If you find yourself saying, thinking or doing ....

  • 'I should be making better shots.'

  • Changing your swing in the middle of a game

  • Focused on the scoreboard vs shot at hand

  • Playing it safe when you are in the lead vs. staying aggressive

  • Distracted easily by noise

  • Trying to make up shots

  • Beating yourself up for past mistakes

These are indications of perfectionism, training vs trusting mindset (which is needed in competition), fragile vs stable confidence, lack of focus, and so much more. 


These are very normal human tendencies. They are not a problem, because when you work with me, we don't beat ourselves up for being human, but these tendencies don't improve our golf scores.  Learning how to shift out of this way of thinking will help improve your golf score, increase the fun, and help you start winning.  

Me - Tralee, Ireland.  Got an up and in!

Golf Mindset Coaching can be a game changer.  

It not only helps you on the course but helps you with your personal life.  

Please check out the About Me and Testimonial pages for further details 


My clients get results, you will receive a high-end custom coaching experience for an affordable price, and it is so much fun!  

            Client Success Stories.... 

"Dustie made me a believer and a much better golfer.  I was skeptical and did not know how powerful thought coaching was.  I thought golf was all physical ability and mechanics.  However, after years of playing golf and taking golf lessons, I was a consistent low 90's player no matter what I tried.  I now consistently shoot low 80's and can get to mid-70's.  Dustie was assiduous in pointing out my thoughts and how they were holding me back in our sessions.  She helped me develop strategies to overcome and go low.  I am also ready to try this in other parts of life.  Thank you, Dustie!!!!!!!!"



Once you start working with me, you receive support in between sessions.  I believe in creating a custom coaching program for my clients.  You will be heard, respected, and treated with the utmost care.  We will create our own Stone of Accord together! 

(see Stone of Accord picture below)

  •  We start with a full golf mental game assessment.  

  • You receive coaching weekly or biweekly, depending on your needs, with outside support from me between calls.  

  • You receive education materials, worksheets, and assessments after our coaching calls to submit to me between sessions.  

  • You learn how to maintain your mental game.

  • You receive tune-up phases as needed.  


Hubby & I shake hands through Stone of Accord - Old Head, Ireland

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